Tue recht und scheue niemand*.

Do right and fear no one.

Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

*I learned of this German popular saying via that Josef von Sternberg cinematic masterpiece ‘The Blue Angel’ (where it appears above the protagonist’s desk). There, an uptight Gymnasium professor falls madly in love with a cabaret singer from a traveling troupe, played by the incomparable Marlene Dietrich. He sacrifices all the trappings of respectability for his love, leaving his stolid post for her itinerant (and sometimes sordid) life, only to grow increasingly and humiliatingly dependent on his indifferent and philandering wife. His final degradation is being paraded as a clownish fool during a performance in his former hometown. Mad with jealousy and rage, he assaults Dietrich and is forcibly restrained before fleeing to his old gymnasium, where the broken and destitute man dies desperately clutching his former desk.

Somehow, this came to mind when thinking about ‘The Pull Request’.